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Transactional Email CPO Plan- A Brief Overview

In this technological era, email marketing has grown as an important marketing tool. This communication medium is in existence since the birth of internet and helps in delivering any business information to global customers just at a click. Each second thousands of email are sent whereby a large number of mailing systems are accessed and hence used daily. Through these mails, businesses are able to connect customers with a personal touch which eventually makes mail marketing a reliable tool boosting both brand awareness and customer loyalty.

How can transactional email service benefit you?

Hiring transactional email service, you are able to inform both your existing and new customers about the lucrative services or products you are ready to offer at a discount or planning to launch recently. This mode is hence looked up as a popular one for building as well as maintaining the customer base where ROI can be ascertained properly. With this cheaper, reliable and time saving marketing medium, you can acquire a good number of customers thus expanding your business reach. While you benefit a lot from transaction email marketing, there is a lot more in store for you. One among them is transactional email CPO plan Delhi.

What is transactional email CPO plan?

Each day a number of mails are sent on your company’s behalf to inform the customers about your service and products. It is estimated that about billion customers receive these mails and companies are charged on the same basis irrespective of whether the mails are viewed or not. To make sure that your investment turns out worthy, transactional email service providers now charge you as per the number of mails viewed by the customers receiving them. This service proving fruitful, a number of transactional email cost per open plan Delhi companies have joined the market.

How are you charged as per the CPO plan?

Transactional email cost per open package Delhi ensures that the investment you make for marketing through emails stand worthy. As said before, here you are not charged on the basis of mails sent but on the basis of mails viewed by the receivers. Further many companies offering transactional email CPO package Delhi have also set up a cost plan stating the amount you need to pay for the mails viewed. Out of say 1,50,000 mails sent, if 75,000 to 1,00,000 is viewed then you will be charged Rs 8.50. On the other hand, if around 10,000-25,000 mails are viewed out of the total 1,50,000 mails sent; then you will be charged Rs 10. This means that higher number of mails viewed, less will you be charged and vice versa. On an overview, this service is really a reliable one and you thus get to know how many customers are interested in knowing about your services or products.

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