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  • DND SMS Service in Delhi- The Service That no One Will Tell You About

    Since the time TRAI launched the service that you cannot send messages on DND activated numbers, it has become very difficult for companies to send promotional messages.

    But, don,t worry there are many options by which you can still reach a larger audience.

    Open DND is the service that you can opt for. Though this service you can reach your audience without even showing your number. If you want to send promotional sms on both DND and non DND numbers, then you are a right place.

    In this service you don't need to take any approval or permission or declaration of SMS content. You just need to subscribe to our services and it will start immediately.

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    We at Design host will firstly understand your needs and then tell you the best service suitable for you. We are amongst the top DND sms service providers in Delhi, since our customers are fully satisfied with our services.

    We don,t just let approach you to take our services and but also provide you the best after sales services. Our team at Design host will be dedicated towards providing you the best services that will help you in converting your promotional customers into sales.

    But you must be thinking how this service will be of help to you.

    1. This service can let you send messages to both DND and non DND numbers. So, you don,t have to worry about to how many people your message will be sent.

    2. This service works 24/7. So, there is no time constraint. You can select the time slot in which you want your messages to be send.

    3. It is a quick service, so you don,t have to wait for a long time for the final process. It works in micro seconds.

    We at Design host we provide you the instant delivery reports. This service is recommended for those who want to promote their services and want their customers to be updated.

    So, just don,t wait and think and give a chance to one of the leading DND sms in Delhi that is Design host. We don,t compromise on quality and our messages are delivered instantly.

    All Your Questions Will be Answered for Election Campaign 2019 Here

    Be it SMS campaigns, Facebook campaigns, Surveys, missed call alerts. Everything for your election campaign 2019 will be done at one stop location that is Designhostoffer.

    Every great political campaign rewrites the rules; devising a new way to win is what gives campaign a comparative advantage against their foes.

    So, to make your election campaign 2019 effective we have curated a host of services that will be of great benefit to you. Like SMS campaign, Facebook campaign, missed call alert campaign and many more. You just name it and we will provide you the best in industry services at a reasonable price.

    But why does making an attractive election campaign is of great importance. Just read further to find out how each type of campaign holds great importance.

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    SMS Campaigning

    Since everyone carries a cell phone nowadays, so reaching the public through messages and texts is very easy. When reaching out to voters, it is important to keep the issues of campaign fresh in their mind and messaging is one of the easiest way.

    We provide you services that will consist of short texts, but will include all the necessary information. They will be unique and attractive but at the same time they will be providing all the information that will be useful for the voters.

    Facebook Campaigning

    Online campaigning is gaining popularity these days, with the rise in number of Facebook users in our country. With this you can reach to a larger audience who have internet access. An online campaign will let you update information quickly and voters will also be updated about your campaign.

    We at Designhostoffer has curated services after a long research, so that your Facebook campaign can also become success. Since, it is very difficult to make campaigns that are not attractive but unique also and follow the rules set by the government.

    Missed Call Alert Campaign

    Missed call alert campaigning is the best option when you are organizing a live event in your election campaign. Through missed call alert campaigning you can get an idea about how much people will be voting for you in the coming elections. It is like getting an opinion. Slowly this form of campaigning is also gaining importance as it is cost effective and everyone knows how to give a missed call using their cellphones.

    We help you in staying connected with your voters despite the barriers of bad network or geographical boundaries. We have plans that are affordable and will be of great benefit to you.

    So, now you might have got your answer to the question of ‘why is it necessary to make an attractive election campaign ?’. With an effective election campaign you will reach wider voters and you will also get to know about what your voters think about you.