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  • Continual servicing of customers and maintaining a customer base is an essential part of successful business operations. For servicing customers regularly and effectively, IVR systems are installed. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system is an automated system that has the ability to interact with callers in order to gather specific information and to routes calls to the appropriate recipient. It is a virtual-line communication that allows customers to get in touch with you.

    We not only specialize in online promotion but also provide dynamic solutions via the telephone system. We can install and assign a virtual number system for your organization that is cost-effective and a powerful tool to boost your company's reputation. Presence of IVR systems can bolster a company's image and produce positive impressions on your clients.

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    1 MONTH
    RS. 4,000
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    0 - 24 hr

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    3 MONTH
    RS. 6,000
    3000 MINUTE

    0 - 24 hr

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    6 MONTH
    RS. 11,000
    6000 MINUTE

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    12 MONTH
    RS. 20,000
    12000 MINUTE

    0 - 24 hr

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