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Toll Free Number

  Impress your clients with your professionalism.

With increasing awareness, remaining in touch with clients has become a priority for every business. Every business in order to survive and be successful, try to maintain a connection with clients. Be it informing about new offers, promotions, discounts or an upcoming event, clients are the first point of contact.

Interactive voice response system or IVR is one of the latest ways to be in touch with clients. These systems provide a pre-recorded voice that interacts with customers and answers their queries. This automated system can also approach the client to the desired department and will get the queries resolved. It will also help in gathering the client’s information that can later be helpful in creating a database. Toll-Free numbers are numbers having different three-digit code that you can call from a landline without any charge. With this, a caller can call anywhere free of cost.

  Benefits of using Toll-free Numbers

It shows professionalism to the client and creates a good image.

It is one of the easiest ways to communicate with clients in any language with hiring less manpower.

IVR systems can be used to verify the customer details before delivering cash on delivery orders. It saves time, money and human resources.

Customers can also check the status online of their product ordered.

It is cheaper as less manpower is required.

We at Design Host provide ‘text-enabled’ Toll-free numbers that will allow customers to send you message and you can also reply them through the same mode. Availing IVR system with Toll-Free number with us will allow you to avail all the features and none of your customers’ call will go back without being answered.

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Our Features

Easy To Manage

Number series 1800

We provide number series starting from 1800 to meet customer’s preferences and to track marketing ROI.

Easy To Manage

Feedback by user

Our toll-free numbers helps in getting feedback from users.

fast delivery

All Call reporting


All the calls are tracked, recorded and analyzed to give an updated report.

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Custom Voice

You can also customize the voice to greet your customers.

fast delivery

Unlimited Channel


We provide unlimited channels such as call centres, conference applications, calling card applications, etc makes the access easy for customers to call.

fast delivery

Blacklist / Whitelist Callers


This list allows you to distinguish between desired and non-desired subscribers.

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Hidden Charge

Ha. ha. Our friendly panel can use any body even non-technical person can use...

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Free Calls

All real time reports can be checked with web based panel. We do provide a web based application from where client can get complete report of scheduled SMS.

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Activation Time 48Hrs.

All real time reports can be checked with web based panel. We do provide a web based application from where client can get complete report of scheduled SMS.

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