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  Never miss a customer’s call.

Contact Design Host to get the best Interactive Voice System or IVR system. We help you in spreading your business across the world. Our IVR system enables a dial-pad for identification, segmentation and routing callers to the appropriate department.

  Benefits of using IVR

Personalized messages- It allows you to record personalized messages that prompt customers to call your company.

Shows professionalism- It shows professionalism to clients and creates a good rapport of your company.

Collect information- IVR collects information from the callers and transfers calls to desired extension or department.

Automated customer support – IVR solutions allow the customers to solve their queries most of the time themselves without talking to the agent.

Route the caller to appropriate department- IVR routes the caller to the required team or department.

Easily handles high calls volumes- In peak time, the number of calls is high. IVR handles all the calls and transfers it t the appropriate department without losing any call. If the desired person is on another call, then the IVR system asks callers to wait.

IVR system by Design Host installs and assigns a virtual number system for your company which is cost-effective and a powerful tool that helps in the growth of your company. IVR system by us includes the following features:-

Voice Mails

Notifications for Leads

Call recording facility

Welcome messages

Conference calls

Contact our IVR team to know about our cost-effective plans that will help in achieving your business goals through the automated process


Our Features

Easy To Manage

Professional Greeting

Your customers will hear a professional greeting sound every time they will call.

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Your Own Phone (Optional)

With the help of our app, you can build an entire IVR system on your phone without spending on expensive devices.

Easy To Manage

Feedback by user

Our automated IVR numbers helps in getting feedback from users.

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Hosted IVR Service

We also provide hosted IVR service that uses technology that answers calls automatically without any operator.

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Local Numbers for your area

You can also buy local numbers for your area and attract clients with local area codes.

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All Call reporting


All the calls received can be tracked from the powerful software created by us. You can also check the call status from the software created by us.

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SMS Alerts on Calls

In case you have missed any calls from customers, our SMS alerts on-call feature will inform you about it.

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Unlimited Channel


We provide unlimited channels such as call centres, conference applications, calling card applications, etc makes the access easy for customers to call.

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Activation Time 48Hrs.

Our IVR number system takes 48 hours to get activated.


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