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  • Design host has developed and hosted several websites within the Delhi NCR itself. Our mastery in this field has allowed us to create and host websites in a prolific manner. However, our job does not end once the website is uploaded and functional. It is an ongoing process to keep the website running and secure all through the year.

    Regular updates, news feeds, addition and deletion of information or images becomes a tedious task for website owners. To keep going through technical source codes in order to update your website will require companies and organizations to hire a technically sound individual to handle this, thereby incurring additional expense on the companies' accounts. You can easily save an annual employee's salary expense by opting for our Annual Maintenance Contract, which is far better and cheaper than hiring a new employee.


    Unlike before, now all web elements are considered valuable and a price has been put on it by various market research and credit ranking organizations. A website is an asset for an organization. This asset has a value as long as it remains practically and aesthetically functional for a long period of time. Periodic maintenance and regular web updates are required to keep your asset valuable.

    The website should never be down, especially the ecommerce portals. For trade and sales depend upon the sound functioning of the website. Therefore, the system has to be made robust and constant annual maintenance is required to keep it running smoothly without loss of business. And who would know better to maintain a website than its creators? Such need, brought to our attention by our valued clients, forced us to make an addition to the list of our services provided. Thus, Design Host began offering annual web maintaining services so our clients can rest easy knowing that their asset – their website or online portal – is in good hands.

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    Web Maintenance

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