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Google Mail(G Suite)

Google Mail

  Online marketing has captured the world with its unique marketing techniques. Google has always played a major part in making many businesses great success. To contribute more towards marketing, Google besides providing free tools and services like Gmail, Google Analytics has come up with a business edition which is a combo of flexibility, mobility, and scalability. It is called Google Suite Business edition or simple G Suite.

  Benefits of G suite

It provides you with a business email of your own which shows professionalism to clients and creates a good image.

It provides you with unlimited storage for photos, documents, images or files.

You and your team can work on the same document at the same time. All the documents edited are saved in the cloud and are shown in real time. You can also give editing rights to your chosen person.

You can chat with your team members and exchange your views.

All the documents and files are saved on Cloud for the safety of data. So you will not lose any in case of any problem with your device. All your team members can also access data from the cloud.

Design Host aspires to be your partner in growth. We ensure that you use all the required features provided by G suite. We with our long-time experience understand the in and out of marketing world and can guide you about the best plans you should choose and how you can use G suite features as a part of your journey in achieving your business goals. Our dedicated team is known for its high success rate. Be it a new business or an existing one, we are capable enough to help every business.

Be in touch and let your business go beyond its limits.

Google Mail
Google Mail

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Google Mail
  Setup Cost  
G Suite 2,500/- BUY NOW
Amazon SES 3,000/- BUY NOW
Mail Grid 3,500/- BUY NOW
Premium Mail 2,500/- BUY NOW
Microsoft Office 365 2,500/- BUY NOW
ZOHO Mail 2,500/- BUY NOW