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Zoho Business Mail

Zoho Business mail

Zoho Business Mail

  Zoho Business mail- a new name added to the list of successful marketing strategies. It is an exclusive platform for businesses and professional use. It is a complete features pack that fulfils all the requirements for business and professional use.

  Why Zoho Business mail ?

Zoho Business Mail allows you to manage incoming emails and automate many tedious tasks. For example, you can make your own rules to mark an email as reading or assign it to someone as a task.

Night Mode theme in Zoho mail let you view your emails easily at night without any bright screen making eyes tired.

You can quickly find the email faster with the help of an advanced search option.

Scrub feature let you clean up the deleting or archiving emails in bulk.

50 + keyboard shortcuts let you search any read, unread, compose and print mail easily.

Select the folder for which you want notifications and save your time from getting notifications for every mail.

To avail the benefits of Zoho Business mail to the fullest, contact us. We at Design host are your partners in growth. We with our long term experience can guide you so that you can make maximum use of Zoho mail which will save your time and give you high benefits in business terms.

Our new plans which are customizable and affordable are the best fit for all types of business irrespective of its size. Contact us to know more.

Zoho Business Mail
Zoho Business Mail
Zoho Business Mail
  Setup Cost  
ZOHO Mail 2,500/- BUY NOW
Amazon SES 3,000/- BUY NOW
Mail Grid 3,500/- BUY NOW
G Suite 2,500/- BUY NOW
Premium Mail 2,500/- BUY NOW
Microsoft Office 365 2,500/- BUY NOW