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Missed Call Alert

  Convert missed calls into the potential lead with Design Host- your partner in achieving business goals.

We know the value of customers in any business. They are the heart of every business. Hence getting connected with them is an evitable thing to do. Whether you are an existing customer or a newbie, having good relations with clients is a must. This shows your sincerity towards your work which definitely impresses clients. Our highly-skilled team is dedicated to providing the best services that will yield a high success rate in less time.

 Why chose Design Host ?

We allow you to analyze and extract report about the client which is a beneficial thing for your business.

We also provide a graphical representation of data that will help you in understanding things better.

A message is sent to the client as soon as miss call alert system receives a miss call.

Our system can handle any number of missed calls even in peak hours.


In order to avail the above benefits, you need to join hands with an experienced partner or missed call alert service provider and who could be a better partner than us.

After providing our best services to thousands of clients and understanding the latest marketing trends, we have come up with some economical plans that can be customized as per your requirements. These plans suit every business irrespective of its size. To continue your connection maintained with your clients, get in touch with our Missed call alert Team.

Our Features

Easy To Manage

Miss Call Service

We provide a dedicated number to receive missed calls from the customers.

fast delivery

Missed Call reporting


Our powerful software tracks all the missed calls and provide reports with a time stamp.

quick report

SMS Alerts on Calls

Our powerful software offers SMS alerts on call.

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Hidden Charge

We believe in transparency, so no hidden

quick report

Activation Time

All real time reports can be checked with web based panel. We do provide a web based application from where client can get complete report of scheduled SMS.

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UNLIMITED Miss calls

our automated software can keep a track of unlimited missed calls.

Features Plan


  Professional Greeting

  Your Own Phone (Optional)

  Feedback by user

  Hosted IVR Service

  Local Numbers for your area

All Call reporting

Custom Voice

SMS Alerts on Calls

Unlimited Channel

Blacklist / Whitelist Callers

Hidden Charge

Activation Time


1 Month


Request for quote

3 Month


Request for quote

6 Month


Request for quote

1 Year


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